YouTube Music “borrows” one of Spotify’s best features

YouTube Music has not only replaced Google Play Music, but this time it is trying to be the company’s alternative solution to all other streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal or Apple Music. Thus, slowly, all these services begin to integrate functions quite similar to each other, which will convince users not to switch from one service to another due to lack of functions or weaker interfaces. Content offerings are already very similar anyway. YouTube Music is now trying to borrow a feature from Spotify, offering several daily playlists, automatically generated based on your preferences.

YouTube Music receives My Mix, similar to the Daily Mix on Spotify

Spotify was the first service to introduce the so-called “Daily Mix”, which uses music from various musical genres that you listen to most often and generates a selection for each genre every day. This feature was then “cloned” on various other competing services, and now YouTube Music is trying its “luck”.

The new feature in YouTube Music is called My Mix and will generate seven playlists of various music genres each day. Of course, YouTube uses the music you’ve previously listened to on YouTube Music to make a selection of artists and songs that you usually listen to, or haven’t discovered yet.

This feature is currently in testing and not available to all users, but it is very possible that it will be released soon, as part of an update of the mobile application for iOS and Android. Other news that is being tested in the YouTube Music app are recent searches, which appear when you click the search button, and a new, more compact interface for the playback interface.

Of course, these features could reach the final version of the application in a modified form, integrating the feedback that users will provide during testing.

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