What does the only accessory that will be delivered in the iPhone 12 box look like: the Lightning cable with textile cover.

Rumors a few months ago suggested that Apple will remove most of the accessories from the box of iPhone 12 models. If until recently this news could be overlooked, being difficult to verify, the company announced last week that the watches in the Apple Watch range will be delivered without a charger in the box. Thus, we can expect that the iPhones will be delivered from now on without a plug adapter. However, what we will find in the iPhone 12 package could be a high quality Lightning cable, which has now appeared in the first photos.

Apple could solve a big problem of iPhone Lightning cables in the past: endurance

Apple is already producing textile-wrapped cables, which should be significantly stronger, for the Apple Pro XDR Display monitor, a Thunderbolt 3 model with maximum speed and a very high price. Thus, the company seems to have gained experience with these materials and will now produce Lightning iPhone cables from the same materials. It will even include them in the phone box, even if it could be the only accessory in the package.

IPhone Lightning cables are notorious among iOS device users for not being very durable. Over time, the plastic coating breaks and remains not just a visual problem. After a while, this damage leads to the destruction of the cable, and may even lead to damage to the charged device in certain situations. The only solution is to buy another cable, preferably an original or at least officially licensed one, as the Chinese ones on the market may be completely rejected by phones. Lightning cables require a special chip integrated in the socket, which controls charging. Many Chinese models do not offer this chip or try to clone it, but it does not work every time.

The new cable should be much more resistant and is a Type-C to Lightning type, just as it was integrated in the boxes of the new iPad models and as we find in the boxes of the iPhone 11 Pro models. So, finally, Apple allows you to connect an iPhone to a MacBook with the cable in the package without buying a new cable or using an adapter. Furthermore, this cable can be connected directly to a MacBook or iPad socket adapter for fast charging.

Probably that’s what Apple is based on when it plans to remove the plug adapter from the package: that you already have a compatible adapter around the house. Of course, the company will have for sale the new 20W power adapter for sale separately, the one that is now delivered in the iPad model box.

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