Motorola RAZR is now cheaper, those who bought the phone get the difference back

Motorola RAZR is cheaper, but not exactly affordable

Motorola RAZR was launched in the spring of this year on the American market at a fairly high price. The great attraction is the folding screen and the familiar design reminiscent of the original RAZR models. However, many customers thought that the price was too high for a phone with mid-range hardware, especially when comparing the hardware with what was offered on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which entered the offer at a similar price.

Existing customers receive part of the money back in the form of a voucher
However, this voucher can only be used in Altex stores for the purchase of Motorola smartphones. It is valid until 31 December 2020.

In the meantime, the phone has also received a software update to Android 10, which especially improves the functions of the Quick View external screen.

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