iOS 13: Xbox And PlayStation Gamepad Support To Extend Across The OS

During Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote, Apple showed off a lot of things, as reported by Engadget. The online publication writes that even their cut down version of the event lasts about half an hour.

Compatibility with PS4 and Bluetooth-equipped Xbox One controllers

They also write that one of the most exciting reveals was that tvOS 13 would be compatible with the PS4 and Bluetooth-equipped Xbox One controllers.

This is definitely great for both Apple’s own Arcade gaming plans and any other that have cloud aspirations.

The publication writes that if it’s not clear enough, “it also extends to iPad and iPhone.”

After iOS 13 rolls out, users will be able to use these console controllers easily with their device, and without any workarounds needed.

They continue and write that Apple is spending hundreds of millions in order to get games to be a part of its subscription package and it’s great to learn that the controllers that people like and have at home will still be able to do their job, as the online publication puts it.

Official announcements 

Here’s PlayStation’s official announcement: “Update from today’s #WWDC: official DualShock 4 support will be coming to iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS this fall. We’ll keep you posted!”

Someone asked on Twitter:

And the response came:

Here’s the xBox-related tweet:

iOS 13 rumors

As you already know, iOS 13 is the most important system operating update that Apple will release this year.

9to5mac‘s sources said that this new update would be introducing a lot of cool features for the operating system.

Other than this, iOS 13 was in the spotlight recently again when a new concept popped up.

Now, 9to5Mac details a brand new concept that imagines what iOS 13 might look like on the iPad.

This concept includes new navigation features, mouse support, and more interesting features.

Stay tuned for more iOS 13 related news.

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