Controversial Tor Browser Is Available On Android

You must have heard of the Tor browser by now. This is the safest browser in the world and it’s commonly used to surf the deep web or dark web as some call it.

This is due to the high protection that the browser is able to offer its users by keeping their identity and Internet history hidden.

Now, Tor’s developers just decided that it’s time to bring the infamous browser on Android smartphones.

The Android version of Tor is now out of beta and the developers have just revealed that the browser is currently available for download.

Get Tor on Android

Here’s the developers’ official announcement:

“Mobile browsing is increasing around the world, and in some parts, it is commonly the only way people access the internet. In these same areas, there is often heavy surveillance and censorship online, so we made it a priority to reach these users.”

People who adore browsing the web all day long and they’re using a VPN in order to stay protected and anonymous on the Internet will definitely adore the features that Tor brings.

Just to make things even better, you can get Tor for free and no one will have to pay for using the browser.

Tor is available on the Google Play Store but it’s also worth noting that Android fans have the opportunity to download the browser as an APK.

Tor is based on Firefox

This means that users will be receiving access to all the functionalities and features that Firefox has to offer.

Even if Tor is based on Firefox, Tor will not be connecting directly to websites.

On the other hand, the browser will be using a network of encrypted servers that are bouncing requests all the time and all over the world in order to hide your IP and identity.

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