Best Google Maps Tips To Be An Expert While Traveling

If you are not using Google Maps for navigation you will after you see the next tips and tricks that can be done on this app. It is available on iOS and Android.

  1. Use the fastest route

There is now a “Commute” tab to Google Maps app home screen. You find it on the bottom-right of the screen. After you access it enter your address, chose how you will travel: by car, walking etc and start your commute time to show you the fastest route or more ways you can get to the address.

  1. Check for live events

You can find anywhere you are events that take place close to you by tapping on the      Event icon which is at the bottom of the screen. You can also access the event to find out more about it and even get a ticket.

  1. The Timeline feature

This feature keeps track of every place you have been. There is a special icon for that and you can also choose “Delete all Location History’ to clean it up.

  1. Share your location

You can share your location with anyone and as long time as you want. Tap on Location Sharing and Get Started.

  1. Make a plan

The app measures the exact distance in time and kilometers between two locations even if it is by walking, car or public transport. Go to the Measure distance option and drop a pin on each place.

  1. It works offline

The app needs internet connection to process the navigation, but once you get the route you can disconnect or download the route.

  1. Parking spot

After you write your destination tap on Find Parking and it will get you the closest available parking spot, add it to your route.

  1. Order an Uber

After you entered you destination address tap the icon with a person with his hand in the air. It will show you the exact price and route for both Uber and Lyft and you can choose which one you want.

  1. Check before you go

This feature is pretty amazing! You can check the restaurant or the spot you go if there is busy or if there are any more places. Search for the restaurant you want and scroll down to the Popular times. Here is a graphic that shows you the times that it is most visited or not.

  1. Make your preferences

By selecting “Food & drink preferences’ you can review location in order to give Google an idea of what you like so it can recommend in the

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