Hitman 2 Gets Its Second Big Update: Holiday Content And More

Update 2.12 is coming to Hitman 2, and it will come with many improvements and surprises for its users. IO Interactive prepared new additions to the game, as well as an event prepared for the holidays. If we take a look at the release notes, we can see that it brings SLI performance improvements and it divides Simulation Quality into Audio Simulation and Graphical Simulation. In addition to that new graphics settings were added.

The new settings added for graphics are Screenspace Shadows, Reflection Quality, Motion Blur and Dynamic Sharpening. Motion Blur is added to create a smoother look; Dynamic Sharpening cancels the effects of temporal anti-aliasing; Screenspace Shadows offer high quality shadow details and Reflection Quality allows you“ to control the resolution of the rendered reflections in mirrors and floors”.

There is also a new option that allows you to go directly to Map. In order to do that you need to press the M key. In the Options menu you can also choose to replace the M key with any other key that you prefer. Support for Steam Trading Cards has also been added. Now there are emoticons, profile backgrounds and badges.

Multiple game bugs have also been fixed by this update. For example, this version solves the issue that made the game crash on PlayStation 4. The trophy bugs have also been fixed.

Holiday event

The update also brings a seasonal event, the first one for the game. The event is named Holiday Hoarders and it will last until January 8 2019. The event will come with the Holiday Hoarders mission and it brings some special items as well. The Santa suit can also be unlocked for Agent 47 as long as players complete a challenge pack. All Hitman 2’s locations allow you to use the Santa suit.

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