iOS 13 Possible Release Date At WWDC in June 2019

The new version if iOS is likely to be shown in the summer of 2019. Read below to learn what is known until now, including release date, compatible devices and new features.

Possible release date

Apple likes to follow a regular schedule and the path is pretty clear. iOS 13 will be first shown to developers during WWDC in June 2019. Several beta builds will be available in the following months, and stable version should be released in September.

Compatible devices

All the devices that received the iOS 12 update should be up to work with iOS 13. Apple may decide to drop the iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 5S since they may be too old to support the new APIs but that remains to be seen.

New tricks in the bag

Previous information hinted that some features planned for iOS 12 have been delayed to iOS 13 in order to be perfected.

Revamped Siri

Siri fans will be happy to now that the company plans to expand the functionality of the beloved assistant. One of the new Siri features would allow it to send a personalized text message when a call cannot be answered on time.

Put those notifications to sleep

Some sources claim that users will be able to snooze notification for a longer period of time or even customize an exact interval.

Search emojis more easily

Currently, the emoji search function is a bit lacking. In some cases a particular emoji won’t appear until a specific word is entered, even if the name of the emoji contains other words.

More accounts

iOS users want a multiple accounts feature since the iPad was first introduced. In many cases the device is shared and the ability to log-in with different accounts or switch between them would be great.

A smarter Wi-Fi

While this feature is already present on a number of Android devices it would be a useful addition to iOS. One if the most useful features allow the phone to associate Wi-Fi connections with a physical address and automatically switching Wi-Fi on or off according to your location.

Many other features may be planned. Until it is officially announced we can only hope that it will be great!

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