Chrome 72 Beta Version Available to Download With Lots of New Features

The latest stable release of Chrome is now available but Google has already released Chrome 72 on the beta channel.

Those that use Chrome OS will be happy to learn that the new version will sport Android Pie and support Google Assistant right from the start.

Below you can find a list of interesting highlights of new and improved features.

Improved security

The Web Authentication API will increase the overall security of the system as users will be able to employ a Trusted Platform Module, a security key and other secure sign-in methods. The Windows version will now be fully integrated within the WebAuthn API, allowing users to use Windows Hello for verification and sign-in

Mac and Chrome OS users will enjoy the ability to use external authentication devices that can be connected via BLE.

Natively blocking unwanted popups

Undesirable popups will no longer appear as Chrome will now restrict access to the function.

New name, same secrets

It seems that the Incognito mode may be renamed Private in order to help users when it comes to the features offered. Android users will also enjoy a little more privacy as the video/audio notification will be more secretive while Incognito mode is active, noting only that ‘’A site is playing media’’.

Smarter, Faster, Better

The Google Assistant will also receive a revamp. The UI will be enhanced and the position will be optimized, making it look similar to the version that is already available on mobile devices.  It is the first time when the assistant will be available on devices that are not expressly made by Google.

The assistant will accept both voice and written commands and a dedicated button near the microphone item will allow users to customize their experience according to their wish.

These are just a few of the features that have been currently included in the app. More may come with the stable release that should take place in January.

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