New Dragon Ball Movie Breaks Box-Office Record in Japan

While Dragon Ball Super ended in the summer with an impressive final battle the franchise has a few remaining stories to tell before the curtain is drawn forever.

The first film that is part of the Dragon Ball Super Universe premiered last week in Japan and the results are very encouraging as the movie managed to score a new record for the popular series.

According to a trusted source Dragon Ball Super: Broly achieved the highest-grossing opening weekend for a Dragon Ball title to in Japan, gaining a strong start in Japan.

The movie managed to generate $8.7 million from 467 screens spread around the country, surpassing the previous record held by Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F, which scored $8.1 million during its initial debut.

The impressive numbers led to several speculations as the movie will become available around the world later in January.

The movie will be officially released in US theaters on January 16 and theaters from UK and other European countries have already announced that the plan to screen the movie.

The iconic franchise was a pioneer in spreading the anime genre around the world. The series began as a manga serialized in the famous Shonen Jump magazine in 1984, before it was picked up for an anime adaptation in 1989.

Many anime fans argue that Dragon Ball remains the most influential anime ever released as the iconic series gained global popularity after it was licensed and dubbed for several countries. The hit series spawned a successful franchise with several entries, including a number of movies and an ill-fated live-action series that disappointed the fan base.

Fans that want some action before the movie becomes available in their region can stream the latest anime series, Dragon Ball Super, via Funimation and Amazon Video. Those that prefer the original Japanese version can also view it on Crunchyrolll and other services.

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