SHAREit Update Adds New and Useful Features

In just a decade we made the jump from feature phones to the miniaturized computers that are known as smartphones. From texting and calling to media consumption and gaming, smartphones have become the most popular electronic devices on the market.

While smartphones continue to improve with each iteration that is released there are a still a few point that can be significantly improved. One of the most important ones is transferring data between devices.

Most people will usually use Bluetooth to transfer a file from one device to another but the iconic protocol is still slow when large files are involved. Another method is to use a PC or laptop in order to transfer the files faster by using a traditional USB cable. While this method is certainly faster than using Bluetooth users will have to go through several steps before the task is completed.

SHAREit is simple and intuitive app that allows users to quickly transfer a variety of files from one device to another. The app was developed with file transfer in mind and the creator did a very good job. Below you can find a few of the advantages offered by SHAREit:

  1. Incredible speed

The boasts a great transfer speed, reaching up to 20MB per second, which is considerably faster when compared to Bluetooth.

  1. A wealth of formats

Users can transfer a wide range of files between devices. All the popular formats are supported and the app is particularly good at transferring large files, including whole apps along with data folders.

  1. Intuitive interface

The app is very easy to use. With a few taps the files are ready for transfer. Once the process is started, the users can relax and do something else until the task is completed.

New tricks

The latest update made the app smarter. Users can now gestures in order to control media playback inside the app. A revamped data transfer protocol has also improved the stability and speed when sending files to other devices.

The latest update can be downloaded from the Play Store and select sources on the internet.

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  1. FTP is another alternative. But for those who find it difficult to setup and dont want to deal with the complexities, there is another solution called Binfer. Binfer can send large files directly from computer to computer without requiring one to upload them first. Keep publishing such interesting articles.

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