GTA 6 Latest Rumors – The State Of The Market

Rockstar Games is one of the most appreciated developers of all time and the studio continues to release hit after hit. The studio recently released the sequel to the fan favorite Red Dead Redemption. With Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar managed to once again redefine the norms for open world games and up the bar to a new standard.

The studio has remained silent when it comes to GTA 6. With Red Dead Online and GTA Online needing fresh content patches Rockstar will be quite busy for a while. The rumor mill has been going strong and there are lots of rumors around the internet. Read below to find the hottest rumors that are currently popular.

  1. The state of the market

Rockstar has previously noted that the current political climate is not particularly favorable for a new GTA titles. A biting yet funny satire of the society has been a staple in the GTA series since the first title appeared.  The problem is that many third-parties have called-out the franchise for this very reason, as the humor and certain ideas portrayed by the games have been controversial.

  1. The setting

In order to mitigate any problems that may arise from the ‘’tasteless’’ portrayal of contemporary events Rockstar may opt to place the narrative of GTA 6 in the past. This means that older settings may be revisited. One of the most popular settings that could make a comeback is Vice City, last featured in the well-known GTA Vice City.

Some sources that the game is currently under development as ‘’Project Americas’’, and it may be the first GTA title to include North and South America in the same game. When it comes to map size it is expected that it will be on par with RDR2.

  1. Possible female protagonist

Series co-writer Dan Houser has noted that a female protagonist may be added at one point, but only if she will play an essential role in the story since the studio doesn’t want to shoehorn a female just for the sake of being diverse.

What is true and what is not remains to be seen when Rockstar will make a formal announcement.

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