Best Clash Royale Decks Spotted At World Finals

Mobile video games are not just a simple way of entertaining yourself anymore. Many of them have become phenomenon and have events organised to celebrate it. Recently we had the first Clash Royale League World Finals. Nova Esports from China was the final winner. The matches were interesting to watch, especially since they allowed us to discover new decks. Here are the best decks we spotted at the World Finals.

Nova Esports Little Shen deck

We are going to start with a deck from the winners. The deck contains Bats, Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin, Princess, Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Royal Giant, Mega Knight. The interesting part here is that the deck worked so well because it was specifically design to beat the deck of Vivo Keyd Javi14. This is the classic spell bait deck, but it came with the Royal Giant and the Skeleton Army, which proved to be the needed additions. This deck shows us how important it is to analyse your rival.

PONOS Sports Raiki Jones

In the composition of the deck we have Barbarian Barrel, Guards, Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon Furnace, Baby Dragon, Lightning, Royal Giant. Lighting and Royal Giant are two reliable cards that are used in many decks. Adding Furnace proved to be a smart move, as it added the needed pressure.

King-zone DragonX X-bow Master

In this deck we can find Log, Bats, Zap, Clone Lumberjack, Night witch, Electro Dragon, Golem. This is basically the classic Golem/Night Witch deck, but it has a nice twist: the Electro Dragon. It works great against swarms and charging units.

Nova Esports Legend’s Zappies 3M

This deck has Log, Ice Golem, Bandit, Royal Ghost Battle Ram, Zappies, Elixir Pump, Three Musketeers. It was interesting to see Zappies in this deck. The Zappies and the Ice Golem are meant to slow the attacks.

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