iOS 13 Rumors: Dual Monitor Support and Redesigned Files App

As 2018 is nearing its end Apple has already started to work hard on the next iOS update. Rumors suggest that it will be focused on iPads, which is great news as iPad owners may have felt neglected when iOS 12 was released. Below you can find a list of possible changes that would make iOS 13 great for iPad users.

Enhanced text selection

Text selection is an obvious challenge on every touch screen device. Apple would attract cheers from loyal fans if they were able to develop a new method that would allow users to select and highlight text without struggling to find the right combination of gestures.

Dual monitor support

Yes the iPad can be connected to a projector or TV but it still lacks true dual monitor support. While the new iPad Pro brought some features the option to use dual monitors will bring more value for those that use their iPad for productivity tasks.

A revamped AirPrint

AirPrint is a reliable solution for both consumers and enterprises but it is hardly noteworthy.  The interface is still quite limited in comparison to the richness of options available on a Mac. Offering a unified API to printer vendors would allow them to make the standard better and easier to use at the same time. The option to remotely control what a printer can and can’t do would be a worthy addition.

The option to disable accessibility features

While accessibility features are valuable for certain users Apple should integrate a toggle that can globally deactivate any accessibility function that has been previously enabled.

A superior Safari experience

iPads should receive a Safari version that is on par with the one that is currently available for Mac users. The ability to support webpages in their desktop format should be implemented since the device natively supports accessories that can profit from it.

Redesigned Files app

While the Files app is still good a revamp could bring a variety of new and useful features.

Let’s hope that at least some of these ideas will surface when the iOS 13 is released next year.

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