How to Choose the Best VPN for Australia

Many people around the world use a VPN in order to access content that is limited to a particular country or region. Australians that want to use Hulu simply can’t because the service is exclusive to US.  A large part of the content offered by Netflix is also restricted even if the users pay the same subscription fee. But how does a VPN work and what can they do for you? Read below to find out.

How VPNs work

When you are using a VPN the service will swap your original IP with the one of the server that has been selected. If a user opts to use a US server they are free to view US exclusive sites and content as the webpages believe that they are actually in the US.

Let’s take the previously mentioned example of Netflix. US clients have access to over 7000 movies, TV series and a variety of other video content. Australian users only have access to approximately 1900 titles and the selection is even smaller for other countries.

While Netflix has been working hard on blocking VPNs it is impossible to block all of them. Here is a list of VPN services available in Australia that are compatible with Netflix and other services.


It is one of the most popular VPN services currently available. The service offers over 2,000 servers, unlimited traffic, fast speeds and dedicated privacy options. The VPN is compatible with Netflix and a generous selection of US servers will allow you to use other services again. Affordable prices and 24/7 support will make your experience great.

Express VPN

Simple to use and fast, Express VPN is a solid service that is enjoyed by many users. Dedicated US servers will offer a smooth experience while browsing Netflix and Hulu.

Buffered VPN

The service offers a nice experience while using streaming services, advanced security features and a fast connection that delivers a solid streaming performance.

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