New Samsung Smartphone Series “Rize”, On The Way – It Might Be The Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung is still the top global smartphone maker in the world according to shipments, but still, it’s worth noting that its numbers have been dropping.

Samsung’s mobile business has been somehow squeezed at the low end by the inexpensive yet credible challenges coming from Chinese handset makers, but it’s also at the top end by a certain company from Cupertino.

Anyway, Samsung is definitely in need for something new, exciting and fresh.

This might happen in 2019 when according to the rumors, the company might eventually launch its much-awaited foldable smartphone and the Galaxy S10.

But it seems that there might be another product series at add to these long-awaited devices.

Samsung Rize

LetsGoDigital spotted that Samsung filed a trademark application in the UK at the end of November for the name Samsung Rize.

BGR reports that the listing specifically mentions smartphones and seems to refer to device names that are including the Samsung Rize10, Samsung Rize20, and Samsung Rize30.

On the other hand, Samsung has not said anything about a Rize-branded device so we’ll just have to wait and see what they’re planning on doing.

More voices are speculating that whatever the company is planning on doing will fall into its mid-range device category.

The Rize branding could be intended for the Galaxy S10 series

LetsGoDigital believes that it’s quite possible that the Rize branding could be intended for the Galaxy S10 series.

It’s true that we are expecting three new S10 models in 2019 and there have also been some rumors earlier this year which pointed out that the S10 series might be launching under a different name just like Apple did with its iPhone X.

The so-called Galaxy F foldable phone is definitely something that everyone’s looking forward to.

It’s expected to be shown off at Mobile World Congress in February, with availability to come the following month.

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