How to Easily Root your Phone with KingRoot

One of the most iconic slogans popularized by Apple is ‘’There’s an app for that.’’ While it was initially a clever catchphrase it seems that today you can really find an app for everything. From using a navigation app to reach that remote beach to reading the hottest celebrity news while going to work, you can download a variety of apps that will improve your daily life.

As apps continued to improve some users wanted to try new alternatives. In some cases the manufacturer will hamper the liberty. Android and iOS block apps from external sources by default and in the case of the later you are forced to jailbreak your iPhone if you want to install an app that isn’t featured on the app store.

Rooting versus Jailbreak

Some users believe that rooting and jailbreaking are the same process but that isn’t true. While Android devices can be rooted with a variety of tools without too much trouble Apple has declared an open war against jailbreak developers.  If a user wants to jailbreak his device he or she must install a modified iOS version, a process that is often difficult and risky.

On the other hand Android is more flexible when it comes to app privileges and security. You can easily root your device and get access to restricted options.

How to root your device with KingRoot

There are many aps that allow users to root their Android device. KingRoot is one of the best rooting apps currently available. The apps facilities the rooting process while also being safe to use.

Users are also to install an app called Purify that will enhance the performance of the device and improve the user experience.

Features offered by KingRoot

It removes lag and improves the performance of your device.

Your battery will last for a longer period of time.

You can remove pre-installed apps and other bloatware.

How to install and use KingRoot

  1. Go to the official site and download the apk.
  2. Enable the ‘’allow installation from unknown sources’’ option by going to Settings/Security and long for the option.
  3. Install and download the app. Run it and tap on the big Root button. After a while the process will finish.

Your devices is now rooted and good to go.

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