PS5 Might Not Be Available Until 2020

Even if the PlayStation 4 still has a lot to say in the gaming industry, people are anxious to find out when PS5 will appear. According to rumors that have recently been reinforced, the new console could be launched in 2020.

This is sad news for passionate gamers, considering the fact that the industry which provides their entertainment options in evolving fast. Of course, the PlayStation 4 has modern features and allows them to play awesome games.

However, developers continue to roll out creations which need the latest technology. We can imagine why everybody thinks that PlayStation 5’s appearance would mean a kept promise and a fulfilled need.

We can’t be sure if the PlayStation 5 will be launched in 2020 because the rumors haven’t been confirmed yet

So far, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about when the new PlayStation will be launched. Initially, we thought that it will be released in 2018, but there are only a few weeks left until the end of the year and there’s no sign of it.

Other voices claim that PlayStation 5 will be here in 2019, so where does the idea of a 2020 release stand for? Well, we can conclude that this is the case based on previous experience. If we look at the time gap between the release of PS3 and PS4, we see that there have been 7 years between the launch of PlayStation 4 and its predecessor.

If Sony follows this pattern, 2020 seems like the most plausible date for the release of PlayStation 5. The mentioned period will mark exactly 7 years since the 4th console from the line hit the market. The update is necessary because PlayStation 4’s infrastructure will no longer be prepared to support the latest games.

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