Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaks and Rumors – More Worlds Available Soon

Kingdom Hearts fans still have to wait until they can play the 3rd part of the game. Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director, recently stated that there’s a reason for this delay. Square Enix’s production has more Worlds to reveal and their development takes a little more time than they initially estimated.

Another interesting fact is that Kingdom Hearts 3 is not the only game which is about to receive new Worlds. The X version of the same game is getting ready to give its fans the pleasure of discovering a new World.

This is good news for gamers who like to play Kingdom Hearts on their smartphones as well. The X variant has a mobile sibling – Kingdom Hearts Union X and it looks like this is another item set for improvements coming from a  new World.

There is more to Kingdom Hearts 3 than developers initially estimated

Tetsuya Nomura used the recent D23 Expo 2018 from Japan to share information about the 3rd part of Kingdom Hearts. The game’s latest trailer presented the appearance of new Worlds – for example, Tangled and Monsters Inc.

However, during the event from Japan fans learned that they should expect to see more Worlds in the upcoming game. These additions haven’t been revealed yet, but it looks like they will come with unlimited possibilities for gamers.

Apart from the news connected with new Worlds from Kingdom Hearts 3, we finally got to find out the game’s theme song. Once again, Utada Hikaru was responsible with this part and, although we don’t have confirmed information, a brief teaser shows that ”Don’t Think Twice” was considered to be the most suitable song for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Having all this in mind, fans are getting very anxious to see the new game and its modern features. Let’s hope that they won’t have to wait a long time!

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