HMD to Postpone Nokia 8 Android Pie Update with a Reason

According to a report, a reliable source claimed that Nokia did not release the Android Pie updates for Nokia 5, 6 and 8, even if they’ve been finished for a while now. Many people have wondered about the reason behind this delay, and that is that the company keeps their updates in hoping of sales of the latest Nokia 8.1.

We’ve seen that Nokia 8 was spotted on GeekBench, as categorized as running the latest Android
Pie, however, the update was said to be released in November, but it’s already December.

Will it come in January?

According to a reliable source, it’s possible that Nokia 8 will not see the Android Pie update until the last day of the year, or even early January, right after the shopping season ends. It is said that the Nokia 8 update was ready from November, as it was promised to be, but Juho Sarvikas, HMD’s CFO decided instead to postpone the update, and for a reason: he thought the release would boost the sale of the Nokia 8.1 device – because people would rather buy a completely new phone with the latest software.

Was it really on purpose?

In the meantime, Nokia has released a statement, in which they said the following: that this delay had no purpose, at all. They just wanted to make sure that the Android Pie upgrade was ready to offer the best experience for their clients. And when that happens, they’ll be ready to give it to people. They want the experience to be secured and always up to date, and these things require some tests before, tests they needed to do in order to make sure that everything will run smoothly.

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