Farm Heroes Super Saga: 1.15.74 Update Download Available with New Featured

We come with great news! We have a fresh-out-of-the-box update, that’s full of surprises. If you’re not initiated in this game yet, we’re talking about Farm Heroes Super Saga, which is a farm party that you definitely don’t want to miss.

We’ve heard that the makers of Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush Saga are back in the game, with bigger Cropsies and definitely more fun. You need to help the Farm Heroes to defeat Rancid and then win the Country Show in this match.

Farm Heroes know that Rancid Raccoon is back to its old ways again, and you’re the one who needs to defeat him in the puzzle. You need to harvest the biggest Super Cropsies and stop Rancid from ruining the day.

The adventure in this game stands for collecting as many Cropsies as you can. You have to help Fidget the squirrel to collect his nuts, then harvest the Super Cropsies. Then, you’ll need to go to on a puzzle quest to meet the Farm Heroes. Always, always be careful at Rancid Raccoon, as he will randomly appear and will try to stop you from doing your job.

What are the features?

First of all, it’s a match three game, that’s easy to play. You have to challenge to master. There are many fun games with puzzles, always with brand new game modes.

You can match three games with hundreds of levels. There are also more vegetables and fruits to harvest, which means that you can grow the biggest Cropsies.

You can go for switcher gameplay – just match four fruits or vegetables in order to grow Super Cropsies.

You can also connect to the online leaderboards. If you choose to connect to Facebook, you’ll be able to compare scores with your friends on the leaderboards, and also save your farm on tablet and mobile.

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