Clash Of Clans December Update Available with The Ice Golem and The Stone Slammer

The December update is usually the most important update for Clash of Clans. Every year the Christmas update brings several new additions including new features, troops, spells or obstacles. The next Xmas update is just a couple of days away and it should be released around December 10-15. If you feel like you cannot wait any longer, here are a few sneak peeks:

The Ice Golem

The December update will come with a special winter troop, the Ice Golem. This is the seasonal version of the Golem troop. However, there are some important differences between these two. The stats of the regular Golem are twice as big as the one of the Ice Golem. This includes everything, from housing space to speed, damage and HP.

However, the Ice Golem does have some special powers. He is able to slow the defenses od the enemy and when he dies he freezes all the defenses in the area for a couple of seconds.

The Stone Slammer

A new siege machine is on its way as well. The Stone Slammer is essentially a hot balloon filled with boulders. The Stoner Slammer targets the defenses of the enemies. The boulders cause massive damage and they lead to earthquakes that do splash damage to the surrounding buildings.

This Siege Machine is available at Town Hall 12, and the max level for it is 2. “The Stoner Slammer is a heavy-duty, flying mountain that targets defensive buildings by flattening them with giant boulders and causes earthquakes. Immune to spell effects”, reads the description for it.

The Bat Spell

There is a new spell as well. The Bat Spells causes bats to appear, and they cause splash damage. The bats target ground defenses and it is important to combine them with other troops because they have low life.

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