Blossom Blast Saga 62.0.2 Brings You The Tulips Garden

Blossom Blast Saga is an extremely fun linker game coming straight from the established makers of the hugely popular titles Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. In this game, you will have to match your way through a cascade of ‘bee-autiful’ garden levels. What do we mean? You have to link flower buds that present the same colors in order to make some really beautiful flowers blossom.

Be careful, before you run out of moves you will have to clear all the flowerbeds. The game will have you matching three or more flower buds to make the world better as it blossoms into some truly spectacular colors. A glorious chain reaction can be set off by connecting more flower buds and your high score will also become better if you manage to do so.

This colorful adventure game will allow you to collect all kinds of flowers as you make your way through some gorgeous garden levels. Let’s move on and see what exactly makes this game worthwhile.

The Features of Blossom Blast Saga

This game is a fun title that features a simple and casual gameplay that is incredibly easy to pick up and learn but you will see that it is quite challenging to master. The plan is simple: link 3 or more flower buds together in beautiful gardens that come filled with colorful graphics.

Your flowers will grow as long as you manage to keep linking 3 or more flower buds that share the same color. Flowerbeds can be connected as well in order to achieve ‘Awesome Blossom!’ or ‘Flower Power’ game assists.

There are over 600 colorful levels in which you will have to match and link these beautiful flowers. Those beautiful gardens we briefly mentioned previously include Carnival Garden, Dreamy Meadow and so on. Don’t wait any longer and download Blossom Blast Saga now!

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