Google’s Potential Clients Should Reportedly Never Buy A Pixel Phone At Launch Again

People have been loving the Pixel phones even if they’re far from perfect. Most likely, users have appreciated the fact that they’re getting better and better with each passing year.

So, despite their flaws, they have still been able to remain some of the favorite phones in the market.

But regarding the Pixel 3, Google made it very clear that almost no one should ever buy one of its phones at launch, as reported by 9to5google.

The Pixel 3 was packed with issues

Pixel launches are usually packed with various hardware and software problems, and this happened almost with every Pixel phone.

The Pixel 3, on the other hand, seemed the most unfortunate model in this regard.

The poor phone was faced with camera issues, charging problems and more and this means that Google has quite a long list of bugs it has to fix.

On the other hand, many of these are set to be fixed already and potential clients who are interested in purchasing the phone, later on, will probably not be forced to deal with such issues.

9to5google revealed that Google’s quality control misses some things that shouldn’t allow the phone to make it through testing.

Pixel 3 discounts are promos were all for nothing

The same online publication believes that besides the bugs and hardware related issues, the main reason for which nobody should ever buy a Pixel at launch involves the promotions.

“It’s not uncommon for carriers and even companies to offer discounts in some way for various reasons on new hardware. However, with the Pixel 3, Google took things to a new level, and it really felt like a kick in the face to anyone who had purchased on day one,” they wrote.

All phones will have early adopters for various reasons, but nonetheless, regular users should pay high attention and report all problems that might have been skipped by the quality report.

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