Sony Patents New Game Cartridge Technology That Could Rival The Nintendo Switch

Sony could be on its way to embrace the cartridge once again. German tech outlet TechTastic noted that Sony had patented a brand new cartridge format for storing video games.

The patent went through official channels in South Korea in 2017, and it was published by the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service earlier in November.

Sony’s filing comes with little data regarding the product itself, but there’s a lot of imagery that describes things much better.

The Electronic Game Cartridge

The patent application is called Electronic Game Cartridge, and it shows something similar to a cross between a classic PlayStation memory card and a NintendoSwitch game cartridge.

Everything’s a bit confusing if we’re considering that this is assumed to be a video game storage format. Every cartridge product that’s been used to store game data within the past few years has been with SD cards and metal contact-based.

This one, this port suggests a different way of sending data, and it looks something like HDMI/the classic 40-pin iPhone port.

Links to another previous Sony patent 

TechRadar notes that the release of this patent is much too specific and pointed to not lead us to connections made between it and another Sony patent that has been previously released.

Last year, the tech giant published a patent for a handheld game console that was utterly similar to the Nintendo Switch.

This patent is for a video game storage format, a solid one and which can take a tumble. All these features are ideal for a portable console.

It’s not a clear fact that Sony will act on these patents and make them a reality, but it does seem that the company has been spending vast amounts of time and money at least in order to invest the possibility to re-enter the handheld gaming arena with Nintendo.

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