OnePlus 7 New Design and Powerful Specs

OnePlus smartphones pack bleeding-edge technology into an affordable package, a feature that makes them particularly popular among users since they allow owners to keep the pace when it comes to the technological advancements introduced by rival brands while having a more convenient price tag.

It is expected that the company will release the OnePlus 7 in the summer of 2019, most likely around June or July. An official launch date will be announced at some point in the future.

Some already theorize what changes will come with the new devices and hundreds debate ideas on forums. Read below for the hottest rumors that tackle the future device

Brand new design

It is thought that the OnePlus 7 will use a fusion of metal and glass complimented by a compact earpiece design. The front camera will be mounted on a sliding mechanism that will pop from the upper side of the device only when you need it.

Smart Screen

The brand new screen technology released by Samsung will be featured on the OnePlus 7 in the form of a 6.5-inch Quad HD Infinity display. An in-display fingerprint scanner will be integrated and the iconic notch that was present thought-out 2019 is missing.

Power Up

A Snapdragon 855 chip will offer an impressive performance and 4,000 mAh battery should provide plenty of juice.

Smile for the camera

OnePlus may opt to integrate a dual camera setup on the front. Since it employs a slider mechanism the added space may allow the inclusion of a blitz. The rear camera uses a triple array (two 16 MP sensor and one 20 MP), integrating AI technology in order to provide photographs that can rival DSLRs when it comes to quality.

Memory Size

Users can choose between three RAM sizes at 4/6/8GB RAM respectively. When it comes to internal memory users can pick between 128GB and 512GB

It remains to be seen how many of these rumors are true when the device will be officially announced.

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