Facebook Launches Watch Party For All And Tests Live PiP

Facebook Watch failed to raise the viewers’ interest with its content, and they hope to differentiate through the company’s core strength.

Now, Facebook just launched Watch Party which is its co-viewing feature. Users are able to see and comment on the same video at the same time, to all profiles and Pages across the world.

Watch Party launched a while ago in Groups, and it has been in testing with other types of account.

But from now on, any profile or business can post a Watch party invite in order to be able to sync up with other users and at the same time watch videos that they have discovered on Facebook.

CNBC reported that Facebook gives up on younger teens who are already dropping the app anyway.

The main focus moves towards an older audience. Facebook seems to hope that a shared experience with users commenting on clips could make Watch more interesting and gather more enthusiasm from users.

Testing a few tricks into Watch

Facebook is also testing some new tricks for Watch. Pages and Groups, for instance, will be able to schedule a Watch Party to draw more viewers.

Watch Parties with lots of activities will also have their comments threaded, so it’s easier to follow discussions.

Facebook will also allow Watch Party hosts to go Live PiP so that they can comment in real-time.

This could turn out a really huge success with celebrities as it will make users feel like they’re sitting beside them and watching TV together.

Switching to interactive and social engagement

According to TechCrunch, Facebook has been desperately trying to change the video consumption behavior from simply viewing content to interactive and social engagement with other users.

back in April, Facebook was slammed after the tech giant retracted Zuckerberg’s messages from recipients’ inboxes.

Recently it was reported that we’d also be able to delete messages that we’ve sent via the Messenger app.

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