Buggy Windows 10: Latest Update Breaks Windows Media Player And More Win32 Apps – Fixes Are On The Way

You’re probably familiar with the data loss bug that caused the interruption of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, version 1809.

This one might be fixed, but it turns out that there are other issues with this already controversial release.

Media Player, broken

Paul Thurrott was the one who spotted that the update is also damaging the seek bar in Windows Media Player when you’re playing particular files.

The bug is bizarre because it’s pretty hard to imagine what could have changed to break such a thing.

Ars Technica notes that the “various old and new Windows media stacks are certainly complicated beasts, but it’s not clear what the October 2018 Update even changed in this area.”

The online publication continues and writes “At least this time around; it doesn’t seem that the bug was reported before 1809 actually shipped, though it’s hard to be definitive about this given the difficulty in finding anything in the Feedback Hub bug reporting tool.”

Microsoft promised to fix the bug, of course by they did not offer a specific timeframe. They simply said that the fix would come with an upcoming release.

Win32 programs issues

Hold your horses, because there’s yet another bug we’re going to address. Some Win32 programs cannot be set as the default program for a particular file type.

This means that if you want certain files to always open in Notepad, for instance, you’re probably out of luck at the moment.

You guessed it right, a fix is on its way for this issue as well, and it seems that we should be expecting it by the end of the month. Setting default programs associations is a feature that’s been in Windows for two decades so if it’s broken, it’s more than sad.

Overall, these neverending bugs that keep popping up are basically drawing a lot of scrutiny on the way in which Windows 10 is being developed.

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