The Best 6 Shopping Apps for Android and iOS for 2019

Online shopping gets better and better every day, and thanks to shopping apps, it’s much better now. The eCommerce portals are very big and, as we’ve all seen, it might take a while to open in the browser. The reason behind this is the website’s static resource files, that get downloaded by the site before actually opening. When it comes to official apps, it’s way easier, that’s why people prefer those. However, not all of them are trustworthy.

We’ve written this article to tell you which shopping apps are the best for iOS and Android.


Amazon is certainly the most popular one. The official app has about 100 million users. When you install it, you automatically have access to 1 million products from the smartphone (even more, if we really are to count them).

Before you actually get to buy a product, you should read the reviews. After you decide to buy a product, you can track the shipping status from your device. In case the product is not on the stock anymore (sometimes it happens), just add it your wishlist.

For some countries, Amazon offers same-day delivery service. If the executive is on its way to your house, you’ll get a message telling you his name or contact number. In case you’re not home, he can leave the package with a neighbor. You can pay by debit or credit card, or you can simply pay cash when he gets to your door.


This one has more than 500k products. It really has everything, even those things that you don’t need, but you actually want. However, the thing with AliExpress is that it can take some time until you get the delivery, even months.

In case you’re not satisfied with the product, then you can ask for a refund. You can chat with the sellers about that.


Flipkart is Walmart’s subsidiary site from India. This app is way faster than the official site. By using this app, you’ll find the best deals on laptops and smartphones in India. There are sales every month. You might get lucky and get a branded item, with a 40% discount.

You also get to enjoy “Pay Later,” which is an agreement that allows you to pay some weeks after you got the product.


With this app from eBay, you can list products for an auction, which it the beat feature a shopping app can have, since this means that you can get a better price for your newer or older devices. You can also buy products on EMI.

This next feature is something that you won’t find with most of the shopping apps: when it comes to eBay, you can see how many products a seller has shipped, and how many products a seller has sold on eBay. Also, when you browse for a product, you won’t see an offer, but a discount code.


Those tablets and smartphones that are released by companies from China are way cheaper than the nowadays top brands, such as LG and Samsung. It’s true, they are cheap, but they’re the best smartphone someone can get it terms of quality.

If you’re not from China and you want to get such devices, you should start and make the most out of GearBest. It has campaigns every month, which allows its users to get the best deals for the smartphones.

Facebook Marketplace

The newest feature from Facebook is Facebook Marketplace. That’s the place where you’ll find products. It reminds us a bit of OLX and Craigslist, but it is a good feature.

If you think that the price is good for a certain product, you can get in touch with the seller on Facebook and talk to them about it. You can filter the items and you can save the products in a list to see them later.

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