Samsung Is Working On A Fix For Freezing Galaxy Note 9 Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is without a doubt the tech giant’s flagship phone to date, selling at about $1,000. The price tag does not necessarily mean that the phone is immune to all kinds of issues, and it’s far from being perfect.

One of these issues was reported by SamMobile which wrote that more users have been noticing that the camera is freezing while they’re taking pics or is lagging while they are recording videos.

It seems that only Snapdragon phones are affected 

Another strange thing is that it looks like this only seems to affect users who own the Snapdragon variant of the phone which is currently sold in the U.S., Korea, and a few other markets as well.

The Exynos variant is used in the rest of the world, and fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be suffering from such annoying problems.

Users hopped on forums to address the issues, and some of them have been suggested that you should clear the phone’s system partition cache, but this is only a short-term solution.

A fix is on its way 

The good this is though that Samsung acknowledged the problem and they are currently working hard to find a fix. Here’s their message to all users affected:

“Our specialists have given us the directive that an update is coming out to fix this issue specifically. However, due to us being unable to speculate on the release of future updates, I don’t have an exact date for when to expect this,” a Samsung moderator noted in the company forum.

Everyone is hoping that this fix comes as soon as possible because the last thing a smartphone owner needs is to spend the winter holidays with a broken camera.

Other than this, Samsung’s phone is packed with great features into its elegant glass body which ranges from “wireless charging and a Bluetooth-powered S-Pen to IP68 water/dust resistance and a headphone jack, (…)128GB or 512GB of expandable storage, a 12MP+12MP telephoto camera setup, a class-leading OLED display, and a 4,000mAh battery,” as described by the Android Police.

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