LastCraft Survival 1.9.0 Brings Major Updates To The Game

Last Craft Survival consists of a free post-apocalyptic mobile MMO game. You will have to make yourself a weapon and crush a lot of zombies and raiders with a single blow in hiding or you can just openly start shooting them and kill everything you see. Do whatever you want to have fun!

The depressing feeling of despair is going to follow you all around and it will make it even harder to remain alive. Every day might turn into your last day. You will have to learn all about shooting, becoming the best and reaching the top of this pixel FPS.

Fascinating game world

The game world of Last Craft Survival resembles a real Earth. It is constantly changing over time as you grow up your character. You will start from grabbing lands in unknown prairies and then you will proceed to explore airports or military bases to get in contact with other survivors in this world. The game offers you absolute freedom to stroll through the remains of what is left from the human civilization after the World War III, to survive the last day on earth. Always be careful of your surroundings as a random zombie might start something with you.

Weapons and leveling

You will need various equipment and pixel guns, depending on the situation. Consider your plans. Is it worth it to perform open attacks with a machine gun or it might be better to kill the boss with a single shot from the distance? However, sometimes you will not have a choice and you will be forced to use hand-made batons and knives, since ammunition is very hard to come across. Choose your weapons carefully as you will not be able to bring your entire arsenal in your backpack on an adventure.

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