Apple TV’s Popularity Surpasses Google & Roku Options, Latest Data Shows

Holidays are just around the corner and everyone’s going shopping these days. Data company Thinkum released some pretty interesting details on how the Apple TV 4K was flooded with popularity during the last few weeks.

Amazon is the leader in 4K streaming services 

Thinkum data is based on Best Buy sales information and reveals that the Apple TV is currently a close second to Amazon Fire TV Stick regarding sales.

The data also shows that Amazon is the definitive leader in 4K streaming devices with the Fire TV Stick 4K priced at $34.99 ranking first on the charts, as reported by 9to5Mac.

The next player on this list is Apple TV 4K 32GB device even if it’s priced much higher at $179.99. On the third spot, we can see the Roku Premiere 4K priced at $39.99.

Maybe the most interesting thing is that the Apple TV 4K has been seeing a dramatic spike in terms of popularity during the past year and it was able to surpass some really cheap players from Google and Roku.

The Apple TV has struggled a lot to gain mainstream adoption and this may be due to its high price tag. But, since the launching of the 4K model last year, things might change for the best.

“It wasn’t always this way — in fact, the Apple TV 4K has only been on the market for a little over a year. As the graph above shows, when zoomed out, the 4K race is has been a fluctuating affair. But now with the latest device revisions and 4K TV’s market penetration, it appears sales are learning in Apple’s direction.”

Apple considers launching a cheaper streaming stick

A recent report suggested that Apple thought about launching a more affordable streaming stick to compete with Amazon and Roku.

An experience similar to the one of Apple TV but packed in a more affordable package would definitely boost adoption of Apple’s upcoming streaming TV service.

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