Google Chrome: Fast & Secure 70.0.3538.110 Improves Reliability And Performance

If you are looking for a secure, easy to use and fast browser, then you should take a look at Google Chrome. This version is designed for Android and it will bring you quick links to your favorite sites, personalized news articles, Google Search, downloads, and Google Translate. Download it now to enjoy these built-in features.

Type less and browse faster

You can choose from personalized search results that will instantly appear as you type, allowing you to browse quicker or view previously visited web pages. Autofill will fill in the forms for you, increasing even more the speed of your experience.


Browse the internet with Incognito mode and your history won’t be saved anywhere. Basically, you can browse privately across all your devices.


Another helpful Google Chrome feature is the ability of signing in across all your devices and find your bookmarks, settings, and history automatically synced up. This will allow you to seamlessly access all the necessary information from you tablet, phone, or laptop.

Favorite content close by

The speed of Google Chrome doesn’t rely solely in its Google Search. Instead, it is designed to keep your favorite content at the distance of a tap. When you will open a new tab page you can tap directly on your favorite social media or news sites.

The ‘Tap to Search’ is another trick which you can use on most webpages. Tap on any word or phrase to start a Google Search while you are still on the page you are currently enjoying.

Browse safely

Another built-in feature is Google Safe Browsing. It will keep your phone secured by alerting you when you attempt to browse through dangerous sites or download dangerous files. Overall, Chrome creates an entire experience based on your interests.

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