Unplug Charger

Fix Unplug Charger Message on Google Pixel Phone

When you get the “unplug charger” message on your Google Pixel phone, it could mean one of two things: either the charging cable or the USB-C port is heating up…

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Google Pixel Phone

Faulty Google Pixel Phone Owners To Get Up To $500 Payout From Google

If you own an original Google Pixel phone, here’s some good news for you. Google agreed to pay the owners of faulty Pixel phones, following a class action lawsuit brought…

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Sluggish Pixel Phone? Disable this Google App to Boost the Speed of Your Smartphone

Are you constantly holding the phone and checking your social media apps, maybe some apps with funny cat photos and others that use too much of your time? Big tech…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Google Pixel – An Unexpected Result

Even though Samsung has revealed its highly anticipated Galaxy S10 yesterday, the smartphone’s price goes up to $1,500. The flagship smartphone is super expensive and not everyone is willing to…

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