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Google Play Store 15.3.14 for Android TV Update Comes with Improved Software Stability

There used to be a time when the only thing that we could do with a TV was to sit in front of it and watch traditional cable channels. Well,…

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Microsoft Edge Update is Now Available to Download with Various Bug Fixes

Microsoft has been trying its best to launch a browser that can compete against the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but to no avail. While Microsoft is having…

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Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Update is Now Available with Improved Communication

Despite being a lightweight app which takes up less than 10MB of internal storage space, Facebook Messenger Lite is still packed with a bunch of great chatting features. To make…

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Google Play Store 15.5.22 Update for Android is Now Available with Improved Software Stability

Have you ever wondered what is the best feature that the Android operating system has to offer? What is the reason why hundreds of millions of smartphones are powered by…

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waiting for wifi

Google Photos App Waiting For WiFi? Get The Fix Here

Have you tried backing up your pictures to Google Photos app when connected to WiFi and found that it didn’t actually back them up? You probably even set Google Photos…

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