LG May Be Working On A Phone With 16 Camera Lenses

LG’s V40 ThinQ has five camera lenses and if you thought this was a lot, just picture 16.

The company may reportedly be working on a smartphone camera with so many lenses, according to a recently filed patent that was spotted by LetsGoDigital. Engadget announces that the phone is designed to capture a scene from multiple perspectives into a single shot.

This will allow users to shoot 3D movies and manipulate shots by moving someone’s head around or why not, completely replacing it.

Creating a shot from multiple angles

There’s an example in which LG shows how you would be able to select the best photo in a series or create a single shot from various angles.

It’s also possible to rotate the head of a particular subject with whatever angle looks best on it.

There’s another example which shows that you could draw around a person’s head with your finger as well.

The system would use AI in order to recognize them and search for any other photos.

The head in the photo you just took could then be replaced with a more beautiful shot for instance.

The patent also reveals that the smartphone would allow you to use the main camera in order to take selfies by equipping it with a mirror.

Closing words

There’s no precise indication that LG will ever release this phone, but what’s for sure is that they are definitely trying to stay on top of tech innovations.

These days, most smartphone makers have been trying to lure consumers more and increase their interest by adding more cameras just like LG seems to be doing.

“Samsung’s Galaxy A9 has four at the back, and Nokia will soon release a model with five. The way it’s going, the entire back of your phone will soon be riddled with lenses,” Engadget notes.

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