Google Home Hub vs. Amazon Echo Show – Which is better?

Today (the 22nd of October) marked the beginning of the battle for the best video speaker.
On one side we have Google’s Home Hub, a $149 Youtube video player, digital photo frame and recipe reciter (among other features).
On the other side, we have Amazon’s $229 Echo Show, which was released already but is sold out until November 5th.


Compared to the original version released in 2017 which measured 7 inches, the Echo Show is 10 inches now. The Hub is 7 inches. The Show’s brighter and larger screen wins this round.


The Hub comes with the biggest video site – Youtube – which has millions of videos. Also, Youtube TV is featured as well, a cable TV alternative costing $40. The Show has Prime Video and Hulu’s $40 price tag for its Live TV alternative. Google wins with Youtube.


Amazon Music comes with plenty of tunes for the Show, but again, Google has Youtube which also lets you see the clip to fill the picture painted by music. Again, Google is the victor.


Amazon manages to turn the tides around since it has a broad array of audiobooks and e-books. Audible, the massive library of audiobooks and ‘StoryTime’, the feature that narrates stories for kids are the reasons why the Show wins this round.


Echo allows you to make video calls or reach specific phone numbers. The Hub makes audio calls only, but it provides a more seamless experience, acting as a smart speaker phone. Google wins again.


Although there are many other features to review, we can safely say that Google’s Home Hub wins the most rounds, thanks to richer content and overall convenience. It might be smaller than the Show, but let’s face it, a video device is bought for the content it provides.

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