Opera Mini vs. Opera Mobile – How do they compare?

Are you among those smartphone users looking for a browser other than Internet Explorer? Then you are faced with some solid alternatives, such as Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Which one is the right choice for you?

A few words about them

Opera Mini is a browser operating on Java and it is designed for phones without access to full browsers. It isn’t the right choice for secure sites, but it still has some features better than Opera Mobile. Some users might prefer it.

Opera Mobile, on the other hand, is designed for PocketPCs, PDAs or regular phones. Its plenty features and supporting of secure websites make it a reliable and popular browser.

Opera Mini – What works?

Performance-wise, the Mini works with compressed pages which lead to shorter loading time. Besides compressing web pages, Opera Servers allow it to be ideal for displaying on mobile screens. This translates to a better view on phones with Opera Mini rather than the Mobile.

Opera Mini comes with a better interface than the Mobile which allows you to toggle between modes with just a tap. Regular and zoomed in are the Mini’s modes, and a light tap will change between them, making it easy to use.

Opera Mobile advantages

This one has an interface that resembles standard desktop browsers. You will have a button for going back one site, one for going forward and a refresh option as well. When you view a page, you have the option of zooming in up to 200%. If you wish to zoom out, you can do it until 25% of the original page size.

You will be able to fit any web pages to your screen size. Also, Opera Mobile can open multiple pages at a time, enabling you to flip back and forth as much as you like. All this combined with the fact that it supports secured websites make Opera Mobile a decent browser.

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