Elder Scrolls 6: TES Does not Give Up on Growing

Unfortunately, the biggest map in this series’ history will not be featured on the Elder Scrolls VI, and you will see that when it finally launches. The franchise was released in 1996 and the second entry of it is the one you should thank to for that, Daggerfall.

Arena, the original Elder Scrolls game was so successful that Bethesda Softworks made a goal of bringing into another game a map which was generated procedurally and measures 62,394 square miles. This achievement impressed the gaming world, but Christopher Weaver, the founder of Bethesda, considered Daggerfell an early misstep for our favorite series.

Over email, the founder of Bethesda said that from the beginning TES have a dramatic evolution. We agree with that because Bethesda released a few worse quality games before finding their own formula.

Weaver said that their goal to provide a massive world for the players was achieved, but it was not as easy to do so because elements such as characters and landscapes needed way more work on them so it would look more realistic.

The central quests of the game were very thought of, and the way they were put together is impressive. However, the focus was not maintained on the other ones as well. Based on the feedback received from the Elder Scrolls community that would get bigger day by day, the company decided to stop working on their big map and focus on other more significant issues.

All this company has ever wanted to do is to satisfy all their fans needs while providing them with the game experience they deserve. Doing so is not easy when the community grows, and so make the requests, but they have never stopped trying to achieve what they needed.

Source of the article: Inverse.com.

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