Red Dead Redemption 2 Extended Preview – Most Ambitious Game to Date

It is more than likely that Red Dead Redemption is the most anticipated game of the year. Rockstar Games – who also made the Grand Theft Auto franchise – pulled out all the stops for the release of its Wild West epic. They even called it the ‘most ambitious game to date’ of their portfolio.

Some people were lucky enough to spend a day in the game’s world. This means that they had 6 hours to look around Rockstar’s biggest game map ever as they looked to become familiar with the members of the van der Linde gang. As they explored the vast wilderness of the western map they ran across the sparkling neon lights of Saint Denis.

You will play as the outlaw Arthur Morgan who has to ride south from the snowy Grizzly Mountains. You will travel through the lush forests of the Cumberland region and you will head over the plains of the Heartlands. You will eventually run into the mists of the Bayou Nwa as you struggle to not get stuck in its swamps.

The game’s developers managed to make Red Dead Redemption 2 as dirty, grounded and real as possible for current day’s technology. Saint Denis is the Rockstar interpretation of the city of New Orleans. You encounter it as soon as you run out of the bayou’s fog and then it hits you. An arch lighted up in brightness flashes the city’s name and as you cross over, you leave the wilderness behind and enter an industrialized city.

After you spent some serious time riding on your horse, isolated in nature or while spending time with your fellow men in desolate towns, the transformation of the scenery is definitely enough to stun you for a while. The game will definitely be a success.

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