Teen Missing for 9 Years Turns Up in Mexico

In 2004, Connie McCallister of Wisconsin was a sixteen year old honor student at Athens High School when a 22-year-old Mexican national swept her off her feet. He later drugged her and took her with him to Mexico and she was never seen of again until three months ago. It turns out that for the past nine years McCallister has been living and working in Mexico. She’s now married and has three children ages 3, 5, and 7. The two youngest are from her husband and the oldest is from a boyfriend she met roughly eight years ago.

While in Mexico, the teen escaped from her abductor, but says she was unable to speak sufficient Spanish to get to a police station, US Embassy, telephone booth, internet cafe, or post office to make any form of communication with her family. Curiously enough, she did manage enough Spanish to work as a field hand, date, and even get married.

A Christian missionary doing service in Mexico recognized her back in July and notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Now, McCallister plans to return to the US, but not without her husband and children. Her family is jubilant over her pending return and welcome her back with open arms. An arrest warrant has been issued for her abductor.

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