Lucky Patcher Latest Update – What Should We Expect?

Some of the features found on the Lucky Patcher app may make it a bit controversial, but its more than 500 million downloads are proof that a lot of users enjoyed the benefits it is capable of delivering. Chelpus, its developer, released the latest version of Lucky Patcher – 7.4.7 – on the 9th of October, 2018. Let’s see what it has.

Requirements for download

Lucky Patcher will work on any Android version higher than 2.3 and with just 4.65 MB in size, it won’t weigh down on your device. Those that plan on updating to the latest version should take heed of these requirements.
Android users who wish to install it for the first time need to make sure that their devices are rooted. This can be done through tools like TowelRoot or Kingroot.

Lucky Patcher features

Here are the elements which made Lucky Patcher so famous. First, paid apps will be removed of their license verification, helping you to use them for free and maximize their features. Then, by applying a custom patch, you will get access to exclusive features or downloading the full version of an app.

Android apps or games won’t bother you with pesky ads anymore since Lucky Patcher can block them and gamers will unlock the hidden features of their favorite games as well. After you patch them, you can backup your favorite apps and games to your SD card. Unwanted, suspicious and potentially harmful app permissions will be removed as well.

What does Lucky Patcher 7.4.7 bring to the table?

The latest update for Lucky Patcher came with improved features, like a plagiarism list for updated translations and custom patches. It also seems that the developers vouch for a total bug fix, which will let you enjoy the app without any issue.

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