Facebook introduces Account Center, a central location for managing Facebook, Messenger and Instagram integrations

Most likely, acting under the pressure of the competent authorities, Facebook will introduce a new Account Center section where users can closely monitor and manage the connections made between the Facebook account and related platforms, such as Messenger and Instagram.

Since the acquisition of Instagram in 2012, Facebook has diversified its product portfolio, making it virtually impossible for users to track the exchanges of personal data made between different social platforms.

The section can be found under the Settings menu of the Facebook account, respectively accessed from any of the mobile applications managed by the company, including the dedicated Instagram client, or Messenger.

Account Center, the missing link for managing Facebook networks

Among the available settings will be choices regarding downloading posts on other platforms. For example, you will be able to decide whether regular posts and those made in the Stories section can be downloaded simultaneously on the three Facebook platforms, or are reserved for the social network for which they were originally uploaded.


Also from the Account Center section you will be able to choose whether or not to allow the synchronization of your profile picture and username between the services managed by Facebook, there is now the possibility to keep different identities, better separating your serious image (Facebook) from activities related rather free time (eg Instagram).

Apparently, Facebook is still testing the new functionality, the final version of the Account Center page may be different from the screenshots shown above.

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