Xiaomi will no longer launch new smartphone models under the Android One program

Identified by the letter “A” added to the model name, Xiaomi phones in the Android One version are already a thing of the past, the Chinese manufacturer opting to deliver from now on devices only its own interpretation of Android.

Eagerly awaited by some Xiaomi fans, the Mi A4 will not be launched. Instead, they will have to settle for the standard Xiaomi Mi 4 edition, running a version of Android for the Chinese market.

Xiaomi, without Android One

By the way it was designed, the Android One program is not necessarily addressed to a certain price category, but to devices positioned below a certain level of technical specifications. It is easy to understand, as technology evolves, the cost of smartphones also decreases, so much so that at some point the compromise of using a version of Android specially optimized for low-cost devices is no longer justified.

Xiaomi does not specify a specific reason for stopping participation in the Android One program, but we can assume that the decision was influenced by the cost of maintaining two separate versions of Android, by providing technical support and security updates. Unofficially, another disadvantage for Xiaomi would be the lack of pre-installed applications, some designed to be profitable in the after-sales period.

Following recent developments, it seems that only the owner of the Nokia brand, HMD Global, remains firmly committed to the Android One initiative, the latest firmware updates even adding additional features that were not found in the initial firmware version.

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