Is ISC2 CISSP Certification Right For You?


According to the 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Spotlight Report, the ISC2 CISSP was declared the most valuable certification by a margin of 3:1. Many other sources have also vouched for the CISSP as being the world’s premier cybersecurity credential. The question, therefore, remains: what is this CISSP badge, and is it right for you? Our article outlines some details about this certification. Scroll down to find out whether it is best suited for you.

What Is CISSP?

The Certified Information PrepAway is a vendor-neutral IT security badge created, offered, and governed by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium or ISC2. For anyone looking to advance their career in cybersecurity, having the CISSP has become one of the fundamentals. It validates the holders’ knowledge and skills in creating, implementing, and maintaining an IT security program and hardware in addition to data recovery as a result of a security breach. For you to possess this credential, you need 5 years of work experience in IT security in addition to completing the ISC2 endorsement procedure, and of course, acing the CISSP assessment. This CISSP exam is a comprehensive test that costs $699 and covers eight major concepts:

  • Security engineering;
  • Security and risk management;
  • Communications as well as network security;
  • Asset security;
  • Software development security;
  • Identity and access control;
  • Security operations;
  • Security assessment and Exam Labs .

All these domains will equip you with the necessary competency to perform cybersecurity roles in job positions such as a security auditor, security systems engineer, IT director, and security analyst among others in various industries in different divisions of the economy.

Why Is CISSP Right for You?

Possessing the CISSP credential comes with many benefits. These include:

  • The CISSP is a vendor-neutral badge hence you can pursue it to learn all the principles of cybersecurity irrespective of the vendors of the IT software and hardware. In addition to this, you can work in any industry independent of the manufacturer of their IT products and services.
  • This certification meets the US DOD guideline 8570.1 so you can land a job opportunity in a government institution. This also means that companies have confidence in you implying that employers won’t have second thoughts about your qualification.
  • Cybersecurity is an evolving discipline meaning that the CISSP curriculum is also frequently updated. Having a prestigious certification that is frequently updated maintains your professional relevancy. That’s way ISC2 has the CPE (Continuing Professional Education) program where credential holders are kept in the know of any updates in their field.
  • Worldwide recognition as CISSP Certification Practice Exam Dumps holders are highly regarded all over the globe and many companies such as IBM and Google hunt for such professionals. By getting the CISSP badge, you will be among them.
  • The ISC2 CISSP Certification Exam Dumps can immensely boost your annual earnings. According to specialists possessing this valuable badge can get $112,539 in one year.


This article has a sole focus on the benefits that come with the ISC2 CISSP certification. However, make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to seek a credential that is more compatible with your current career priorities. The choice is yours. Either way, if you feel like the  is the best option for you, there are many career goals you can achieve with it on your CV. Good luck!

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