AT&T Gives 15GB Bonus to Its Clients but with an Increase of Prices

Great or bad news for AT&T customers is coming. The company decided to raise the prices of the Mobile Share plan to $10 starting from October. The company is giving 15GB of data as a bonus to its clients for the raise they’ve made. The new information about the price and the addition of the 15GB were given through an email to the customers.

However, there is a thing with this data plan and its bonus. The clients can’t decline the offer under any circumstances. The company even explained the idea in an official statement. The idea is that you can’t refuse the bonus, but you can change your plan. The company is open to discuss the change of data anytime, so if you don’t want to be stuck with the $10 plan, you can always contact them.

Besides this, AT&T is one of the companies that have made many transformations during the years in the lineup. If things look messy and unfair to you, the good news is that you can change for the Unlimited plans. AT&T has the Unlimited policy starting from $35 per month up to $75 per month. The unlimited data with this plan is at the price of $65 and $75 per month, with HD Video Streaming, unlimited text and talk to Mexico and Canada, and a multi-line discount.

However, regarding the old plan that is not currently at $10, the fact that the customers received 15GB as a bonus is good. Let’s imagine what would be like if the company raised the price without giving nothing in return. Still, there is a problem with the fact that you can’t decline the bonus, because many users don’t need it.

Finally, AT&T is not out of FTC radius because of false Unlimited marketing was done many years ago. So the company will pay around $60 million to the consumers that were affected.

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