iOS 13 – All The Latest Rumors and Leaks on the Apple’s Upcoming Mobile OS

Leaks regarding the upcoming iOS 13 have surfaced once again online. The rumors say that the new iOS 13 will come with substantial design changes this year, an all-new home screen, fluctuating color arrangement, and probably some new fonts.

Latest iOS 13 rumors and leaks

iOS 13 design

A few screenshots of what the dark mode would look like on the iPhone have made it to the internet thanks to 9to5mac. As said by the website, there will be two options for you to enable the dark mode: the first allows you to toggle a switch from Settings, and the second will enable you to press a new key in the control center for easy access.

The upcoming operating system doesn’t get just an interface change. As said in a recent Bloomberg report, many of Apple’s original apps are getting a makeover as well. The Messaging app is believed to be getting a redesign which will resemble WhatsApp’s style, having a profile picture and status updates, a brand new keyboard similar to Swype and Google’s Gboard style.

Also, there will be an undo option which will enable you to revert changes when typing. The update will come with reinforced Animoji and Memoji features as well. Besides the Messaging app, other apps such as Maps, Mail, and Reminders will also be getting a few small changes, and the Find My iPhone and Find Friends apps might be fused, 9to5mac said.

New Health app features in iOS 13

​The Health app will also be getting significant changes in iOS 13. The app is thought to come with a new homepage that would show your most important data at the top, enabling you to a more broad look at your daily stats and improvement over time.

The app might also sport new tracking options such as hearing health, which determines how loud you’re playing the music and the overall noise volume you are prone to, and also a period tracking feature, which keeps the tracking on a woman’s menstrual cycle.

This last-mentioned app is also rumored to be implemented in the Apple Watch as an individual app called ‘Cycle.’ Fitbit and Garmin already have implemented this feature into some of their portable devices.

The iPad to be more computer-like thanks to iOS 13

iPads are believed to receive much better multitasking assistance with the upcoming iOS 13, also second-screen compatibility with mouse input support.

Universal apps for iOS 13 and MacOS

If the rumors prove to be correct, WWDC 2019 could take us one step closer to full integration of iOS 13 and MacOS. There are already lots of native iOS apps appearing on Apple’s computers.
Two renown Apple leakers, ​Guilherme Rambo, and Stephen Troughton Smith​, have both stated that MacOS 10.15 will come to the Mac with dedicated apps for music, TV shows, podcasts, and books.

However, the main change is one that the majority of average users won’t be able to notice right away. Apple is said to be allowing its cross-party framework to third-party developers so they can’t transfer the iPhone apps to Macs.

Remember that these are just rumors, and none of them have been officially confirmed. The WWDC 2019 would provide all the details on the iOS 13.

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