Google Play Store Got a New Interface Design and Fixed Bugs

​A new variant for Google’s Material Theme Play Store revamp has been made available. The new interface is coming as the version 15.1.24. The reinvigorated appearance is now present in the Play Store with a perfect whitewashed theme. Like any other remakes, this interface removes the green pattern and brings visual and useful adjustments.

The new design has been, prior to its release, detected on an APK teardown.

Apart from removing the primary color of green, the update also dropped the navigation bar from the upper side to the bottom and also eliminated the music category. Don’t worry too much though as the Google Play Music section has been replaced with YouTube Music.

Other visible changes one would quickly notice is the more rounded corners, an all-new font, and a brand new flat design that doesn’t have card interface, lines or drop shadows anymore.

The app category has also got itself with a significant redesign. The ratings and stats were moved to the upper side, and an install button that is spread across the whole horizontal length of the page has been added. Also, when you install an application, the old download bar has been redesigned and has now a circle shape that spreads around the app’s icon.

In general, the new revamp offers users a much cleaner and united appearance, which makes it up to date with the standards of Material Theme. What this means is that Google’s other apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Voice, and a few other apps have been getting a similar interface.

If the new design hasn’t made it to your Google Play application, ensure that you have the version 15.1.24 of the app or get it from APKMirror. If you have the most recent version of the app, but you still didn’t get the new design, try clearing the cache memory in the application settings.

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