How to Use PrepAway and Other Study Resources to Pass Your Cisco CCNP Security Certification Exams?

Cisco is well known for its networking, telecommunications, and other IT-related solutions. Their IT products include switches, routers, security systems, wireless systems as well as storage networking and unified computing equipment. Cisco is also globally recognized for its certification program that provides learners and professionals with skills to become qualified networking experts. One of these certifications is the Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) Security credential.

This professional certification is for network security engineers whose responsibilities include working with security tools, switches, routers, networking devices and appliances. They are also tasked with choosing, deploying, supporting and troubleshooting VPNs, firewalls, and IDS/IPS technical solutions for networking environments.

In this post, we’re going to take you through the details of the CCNP Security certification. You’ll also learn how you can use PrepAway and other study resources to prepare and pass your credential tests.

Cisco CCNP Security Certification Exam Details

There are certain prerequisites to become Cisco CCNP Security certified. To be eligible for CCNP Security, you’ll require a CCNA Security (associate) or any CCIE (expert) certification.

The next step is to pass four required exams. They are 300-208 SISAS, 300-206 SENSS, 300-209 SIMOS, and 300-210 SITCS. Each of the Cisco professional exams costs $300. The exam registration is through Pearson VUE.

You are required to attain a certain passing score to qualify for the certification. Cisco, however, doesn’t publish the exact passing scores for their exams. Also, note that your CCNP Security credential will expire after three years and you are supposed to recertify.

Reasons to Pass Exams and Earn The CCNP Security Certification

Passing your tests and earning your certification will bring numerous benefits to you and your employers. Here are some of the reasons to earn this important credential:

  • You earn a certification from a globally recognized technology company
  • Certification validates that you have the skills and knowledge required to handle specific and complex tasks
  • You attain qualifications that are accepted worldwide by small, medium, and large enterprises alike
  • Passing your exam demonstrates your dedication to attain advanced skills and bring in more value in your place of work
  • Passing your exams gives you the confidence to pursue other advanced credentials that you didn’t have the courage to pursue previously
  • Your skills will lead to increased employment opportunities
  • Having a certification boosts your chances of getting a promotion and earning a better salary
  • Credential increases your confidence and self-satisfaction
  • With the CCNP Security certification, you can easily advance your skills to the next level and get a rank of an Expert.

Top Resources to Help You Prepare for the CCNP Security Certification Exams

If you have made a decision to pursue CCNP credential, the next thing for you is to find out what you need to pass your tests. There are a number of study resources that you can make use of. They include training courses, labs, study guides, and popular practice exams from PrepAway. Let’s check out these prep resources one by one below:

  1. CCNP Security Training Courses. You can use the Cisco Learning Locator to find live training courses near your current residence. These courses are available for all the four Cisco CCNP Security exams.
  2. CCNP Security Practical Labs. Attaining hands-on skills requires practicing with labs. These labs are designed to help you practice what you’ve learned. This prepares you to provide effective solutions to real-world challenges. The recommended labs for CCNP Security tests can be found with the help of the Cisco Learning Network Store.
  3. CCNP Security Practice Test. Training, labs, and study guides are never sufficient for your exam prep. You must incorporate the most tested and trusted exam revision method that has been used by learners across the world to pass their IT exams. PrepAway practice tests have been used by many candidates to prepare for their exams. Many consider this a reliable way since it gives you an opportunity to experience the actual exam environment. Cisco PrepAway exam dumps allow you to practice with past exam questions and answers.

You can go through the questions as many times as you want until you grasp the topics and concepts. Remember that these practice tests have been uploaded online by past exam takers and experts. All you need to do is to download these tests whenever you need them. On PrepAway, you will find practice tests for all 300-208, 300-206, 300-209, and 300-210 exams in convenient ETE format.

  1. CCNP Security Study Guides. The following study guides would complement your other exam revision methods:
  • CCNP Security SENSS 300-206 Official Study Guide authored by Mark Bernard
  • CCNP Security SISAS 300-208 Official Study Guide written by Aaron Woland and Kevin Redmon
  • CCNP Security SIMOS 300-209 Official Study Guide authored by Natalie Timms
  • CCNP Security SITCS 300-210 Training Workbook by IP Specialist

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing that gives you more confidence than knowing that you’re using proven exam prep methods to pass your tests. Cisco CCNP training courses, study guides, PrepAway exam dumps, and labs are some of the unbeaten ways to use as you study for the tests. Make sure you do your bit in planning your time and studies well. The result would be passing your CCNP Security exams and earning one of the most coveted IT certifications today.

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