Xender 4.2.2 Prime – Share Music & Transfer Files

For many of us, Xender is the best app for sharing since it fulfills all your needs in terms of sharing files.


You will be able of sharing any file type you want to any places at any time. It won’t require any mobile data usage at all and its transfer speed exceeds the one of Bluetooth by 200 times. This app is supported by iOS, Android, Windows, Tizen, PC/Mac, being truly a cross-platform transferring app.

Forget about resorting to USB connections or PC software installation. Xender is currently chosen by over 500 million people that perform over 100 million file transfers on a daily basis. It will allow you to play any music and videos you might like, being truly the Wi-Fi file transfer master.


You will transfer files with amazing speed. Imagine sending a huge video to your friends in a matter of seconds. It can reach speeds as high as 40 MB/s

Xender 4.2.2 Prime will share various types of files without any restriction. You will transfer anything you want, from music, pictures, and documents to apps and videos.

It doesn’t need a network connection, so no internet, no cables, and no data usage. Transfer any files to your friends anytime and anywhere.

Even large files can be sent without limitation. Share music, photos, apps, videos, or documents of unlimited size.

Since it supports transferring across platforms it simplifies the connections of phones, tablets, PC and macs while enabling you to share any kind of files between iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

Replicate your phone in a smart manner by switching your mobile data such as pictures, contacts, SMS, games, and videos from old phones to new ones in one simple step. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it.



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